Westward Ho The Wagons (1956 Movie)

Westward Ho The Wagons (1956 Movie)

Westward Ho The Wagons Description:

In the Disney classic Westward Ho The Wagons, Doc Grayson is in charge of guiding the wagons through hostile Indian territory. After a band of Pawnees attack and steal their spare horses, Doc leads the wagons to the safety of Fort Laramie. But the Sioux who reside nearby are suspicious of the new settlers and soon a feud erupts, further endangering everyone in the fort.

Key Cast Members:

  • Fess Parker: John ‘Doc’ Grayson
  • Kathleen Crowley: Laura Thompson
  • Jeff York: Hank Breckenridge
  • David Stollery: Dan Thompson
  • Sebastian Cabot: Bissonette
  • George Reeves: James Stephen
  • Doreen Tracey: Bobo Stephen
  • Barbara Woodell: Mrs. Stephen
  • John War Eagle: Wolf’s Brother
  • Cubby O’Brien: Jerry Stephen
  • Tommy Cole: Jim Stephen
  • Leslie Bradley: Spencer Armitage
  • Morgan Woodward: Obie Foster
  • Iron Eyes Cody: Many Stars
  • Anthony Numkena: Little Thunder
  • Karen Pendleton: Myra Thompson
  • Jane Liddell: Ruth Benjamin
  • Jon Locke: Ed Benjamin

Director: William Beaudine
Producer: Bill Walsh
Writer: Tom Blackburn
Music: George Bruns

$2.75 million
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