Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991 Movie)

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Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991 Movie)

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken Description:

In Disney’s Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, a runaway orphan, young Sonora persists for a menial job mucking stables in Doc Carver’s traveling stunt show. Her great wish is to become a death-defying “diving girl,” but Doc refuses her pleas. Undaunted, Sonora’s gutsy resolve finally convinces him to give her a break. On the brink of stardom, however, a cruel twist of fate threatens to destroy her dream.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Gabrielle Anwar: Sonora Webster
  • Michael Schoeffling: Al Carver
  • Cliff Robertson: Doc Carver
  • Dylan Kussman: Clifford
  • Kathleen York: Marie
  • Frank Renzulli: Mr. Slater
  • Nancy Moore Atchison: Arnette Webster
  • Lisa Norman: Aunt Helen
  • Lorianne Collins: Clarabelle
  • Elizabeth Hayes: Miss Simpson
  • Laura Lee Norton: Mrs. Ellis
  • Michael J. Matusiak: Photographer
  • Jeff Woodward: Reporter #1
  • David Massry: Reporter #2
  • Cheri Brown: Attractive Girl
  • David Dwyer: Stagehand
  • Haley Aull: Little Girl
  • Ed Grady: Preacher
  • Katy Matson: Kid #1
  • Wendy Ball: Kid #2
  • Sam Aull: Kid #3
  • Carson Aull: Kid #4
  • Boyd Peterson: Farmer #1
  • Gene Walker: Farmer #2
  • Lowell D. Smith: Wrangler
  • Rick Warner: Doctor
  • Mark Jeffrey Miller: Candy Man
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