Zombies 2 (Disney Channel Movie)

Zombies 2 (Disney Channel Movie)

About Zombies 2:

Disney’s announcement that they are going to create a followup to the popular 2018 tween tv movie/musical Zombies is still relatively fresh, so not a great deal is known yet about the plot of Zombies 2. We do know that Addison and Zed will return for the sequel and continue to try to bridge the cultural gap in their community. We also know there will be some sort of werewolf plotline in this iteration.

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  • Meg Donnelly: Addison
  • Milo Manheim: Zed
  • Kylee Russell: Eliza
  • Trevor Tordjman: Bucky
  • Carla Jeffrey: Bree
  • James Godfrey: Bonzo
  • Kingston Foster: Zoey
  • Pearce Joza: Willa
  • Chandler Kinney: Wyatt
  • Ariel Martin: Wynter


  • Director: Paul Hoen
  • Writers: David Light and Joseph Raso
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