Disney Changes Epcot Character Spot to a Tier 1 FastPass Option

epcot character spot fastpassHeads Up: As of today, the Epcot Character Spot attraction is a tier 1 FastPass+ option.

So what does this mean? Epcot has a tiered FastPass system to ensure visitors don’t load up their virtual reservations just on the park’s most popular rides. While visitors to Epcot are welcome to enjoy all park rides via standby, they are limited to one Tier 1 FastPass attraction selection. Meanwhile, you can select 2 FastPasses from the second tier of attractions, of which Character Spot had been a member. This means you essentially have to choose between meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy…or riding Frozen, Soarin, or Test Track.

Disney likely made this move because Character Spot FastPasses were very tough to come by while it was in Tier 2 due to the extra allowed selection and the attractions relative low capacity.

Here is a rundown of what is included in each of the Epcot FastPass tiers currently:

Epcot Tier 1 FastPass+ Options:

Epcot Tier 2 FastPass+ Options:

Over time, it will be interesting to see how much this change impacts FastPass availability for the remaining tier 2 rides….


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