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Park Description:


Disney California Adventure Park is the second of the two major theme parks at the Disneyland Resort in California having opened on February 8, 2001. The park originally was themed to celebrate the places, history and culture of California, but has since transitioned to more of a showcase for Disney, Pixar and Marvel franchises.

Park Areas:


Disney California Adventure Park is broken up into eight distinctly different ‘lands’:

  • Avengers Campus (formerly A Bug’s Land)
  • Buena Vista Street
  • Cars Land
  • Grizzly Peak
  • Hollywood Land
  • Pacific Warf
  • Paradise Gardens Park
  • Pixar Pier (formerly Paradise Pier)


Park Address:


1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Articles, Features and Directory Items:


Here is your complete guide to Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure Park including attractions, restaurants, shows and rides past, present and future. As always, new pieces are added to this collection regularly.


Jumpin Jellyfish (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Jumpin Jellyfish Description: On Jumpin Jellyfish, float up and down an enchanting 40-foot tall kelp stalk on this whimsical parachute-style attraction. Hop…

Grizzly River Run (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Grizzly River Run Description: Buckle up for an exciting free-floating river ride up, down and through Grizzly Peak. The Grizzly River Rafting…

Golden Zephyr (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Golden Zephyr Description: On Golden Zephyr, hop inside a sleek galactic gondola for an unforgettable blast to the past! Imagine battling outer-space…

Goofy’s Sky School (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Goofy’s Sky School Description: In Goofy’s Sky School, the wild blue yonder gets a little wilder when you learn to fly the…

Francis Ladybug Boogie (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 05/9/21Francis Ladybug Boogie Description: Twist and twirl with Francis the ladybug during a musical ride that’s the bee’s knees. Climb on everybody’s…

Fliks Flyers (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Fliks Flyers Description: On Fliks Flyers, see the sights from a bug’s point of view aboard a whimsical “hot air balloon” made…

Animation Academy (Disneyland)

Last updated on: 02/12/19Animation Academy Description: Enjoy a unique opportunity to draw your very own Disney character sketch. Fun for all ages and experience levels,…

Lamplight Lounge Scheduled to Open at DCA this Summer

It was announced today that, as part of the new Pixar Pier section of Disney California Adventure, a new “seaside lounge” would be opening. The new Lamplight Lounge is slated to open on June 23rd and will be located where the Cove Bar is currently at the entrance of the soon-to-be rethemed park section.