FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans

Last Updated on: July 17th, 2024

“FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans” is set to be a riveting installment in Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, making a return after the success of its first season which depicted the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. This new season draws its inspiration from Laurence Leamer’s book “Capote’s Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era” and will take viewers into the scandalous high society of 1970s Manhattan.FEUD Capote Vs. The Swans

The show is directed by Gus Van Sant, Max Winkler, and Jennifer Lynch, with Jon Robin Baitz at the helm of writing. The eight-episode series will delve into Truman Capote’s complex relationships with his circle of socialite friends, the ‘swans,’ and the fallout after he betrays their trust by revealing their secrets in his literature. The narrative is centered around the famed author, played by Tom Hollander, and will feature an ensemble cast including Naomi Watts as Babe Paley, a former Vogue editor and one of Capote’s swans, alongside other notable stars like Chloë Sevigny as CZ Guest, and Demi Moore as Ann Woodward.

Production kicked off in New York in the fall of 2022, and the series is anticipated to premiere on January 31, 2024, with Hulu streaming the episodes the day after their initial broadcast. International audiences will find the series on Disney+ through the Star portal and on Star+ in Latin America.

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  • Year of Debut:
  • Type of Series: Live-Action
  • TV Channel/Platform: FX/Hulu/Disney+
  • Awards: Nominated Emmy Award
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  • Naomi Watts: Babe Paley
  • Diane Lane: Slim Keith
  • Chloë Sevigny: C. Z. Guest
  • Calista Flockhart: Lee Radziwill
  • Demi Moore: Ann Woodward
  • Molly Ringwald: Joanne Carson
  • Tom Hollander: Truman Capote
  • Treat Williams: Bill Paley
  • Joe Mantello: Jack Dunphy
  • Russell Tovey: John O’Shea
  • Chris Chalk: James Baldwin
  • Jessica Lange: Lillie Mae Faulk
  • Peter Scanavino
  • Pawel Szajda: Albert Maysles
  • Yuval David: David Maysles
  • Jamie Askwe: Jennifer Jones
  • Charlotte Cronin: Cornelia Guest
  • Scott Zimmerman: David O. Selznick
  • Jessica DiGiovani: Kate Paley
  • Ella Beatty: Kerry O’Shea
  • Dennis Staroselsky: Stanley Siegel
  • Roya Shanks: Louisa Firth
  • Dan Cordle: Joe Capote
  • Daniel Adaro: Chris O’Shea
  • Jeffrey Grover: Richard Avedon
  • Tom Stratford: Bill Blass


  • Directors: Gus Van Sant, Max Winkler and Jennifer Lynch
  • Creators: Ryan Murphy, Jaffe Cohen and Michael Zam

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