22 (Soul)

Last Updated on: December 6th, 2023

Who is 22?

22 is a pivotal character from Pixar’s animated film “Soul” (2020). In this narrative, 22 is a soul residing in the Great Before, a fantastical realm where souls receive their personalities before being sent to Earth. Despite being mentored by various historical figures over centuries, 22 is uninterested in life on Earth and fears living due to presumed failures and unfulfillment. Hence, she remains in the Great Before, sporting an Earth badge with a missing piece that signifies her refusal to find her “spark” or purpose.

The story takes a turn when 22 crosses paths with Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher and aspiring jazz musician from New York City, who unexpectedly finds himself in the Great Before after a near-death experience. Initially, 22 agrees to help Joe return to his body on Earth, hoping to continue her aimless existence in the Great Before. However, through various adventures with Joe on Earth, 22 begins to discover the joys, tastes, and sounds of life, gradually finding her spark and desire to live.

22 (Soul) pixar character

22’s character arc is a profound exploration of existential themes. It delves into the notions of purpose, passion, and the intrinsic value of life beyond societal definitions of success. Through 22’s eyes, the audience is invited to reflect on what makes life meaningful and the importance of appreciating simple, everyday experiences.

The character of 22, voiced by Tina Fey, adds a blend of humor, innocence, and depth to the movie, making “Soul” a thought-provoking and heartwarming narrative that explores the essence of life and the human experience. Through her journey of self-discovery and her interactions with Joe, 22 helps to unravel the film’s core message about finding joy in the little things and the limitless potential of life.

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