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Last Updated on: January 29th, 2023

Disney Characters List

Step into the magical world of Disney with our comprehensive list of all the beloved characters from the Disney universe. From classic favorites like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, to newer additions like Moana and Olaf, our list has something for everyone. Dive into the stories and backgrounds of these iconic characters and discover new favorites. Whether you’re a lifelong Disney fan or just getting to know the characters, this list is the perfect guide to the world of Disney magic.

As we continue to build out our extensive directory of everything Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel, we turn our attention today to the amazingly creative Disney characters. Over the years, Disney has provided us with some of the world’s most beloved and iconic characters. Here is our list of Disney characters from the well known to the less familiar.

As you can imagine, the Disney universe is vast and this is very much a work in progress, so be sure to check back regularly as we continue to build this out. Also, click on a character’s name to find out much more about them and for a listing of all the Disney News entries and posts they are mentioned in.

Disney Characters List From A-Z