Gazelle (Zootopia)

Last Updated on: February 20th, 2023

Who is Gazelle?

Gazelle is a character in Disney’s animated film “Zootopia,” released in 2016. Voiced by international pop star Shakira, Gazelle is a famous pop singer and celebrity within the city of Zootopia.

Gazelle is a gazelle (a type of antelope) with a passion for music and a message of unity and tolerance. She is known for her hit song “Try Everything,” which becomes a prominent part of the film’s soundtrack. The song encourages perseverance and embracing new challenges, fitting well with the film’s themes of overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.

Gazelle (Zootopia) disney

In the story, Gazelle is a prominent figure advocating for harmony and understanding between the different animal species in Zootopia. She uses her fame and music to promote a message of inclusivity and acceptance. Her character represents the idea that music and art can have a positive impact on society by promoting change and understanding.

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Try Everything (Song)

“Try Everything” is a song featured in the 2016 Disney animated film “Zootopia.” The song is performed by Colombian singer Shakira, who also voices the…

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