Disney Movie Release Dates from 2024-On (Incl: Star Wars, Pixar & Marvel)

Last Updated on: July 18th, 2024

With all of upcoming Disney movies, along with all that they have planned for Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century, Searchlight and Star Wars, it is helpful to have an easy listing to refer to so you know when your next favorite Disney classic will be hitting the big screen.

Here is a quick rundown of the known upcoming Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Fox and Disney movie release dates in 2024 and beyond. I update this list all the time, so check back often for new movies as they are announced.

Note: This post is for theatrical releases specifically. Please see this post for our comprehensive Disney Plus release schedule.

Also please note, that this Disney movie schedule looks pretty far out into the future, so dates are subject to change and I will do my best to update as movie news is released.

Upcoming Disney Movie Release Dates:

(click on a movie title to find more details about it)

Upcoming Disney Movie Release Dates marvel, star wars, pixar 2024

Upcoming Disney / Pixar Movies:

Announced or Rumored Disney/Pixar Movies Without Release Dates:

(Note: Some of these movies could be moved to one of the Disney-owned streaming services before release)

  • TBD – Bambi (Live Action)
  • TBD – Safety
  • TBD – Hercules (Live Action)
  • TBD – Knights
  • TBD – Kingdom Hearts
  • TBD – The Sword in the Stone (Live Action)CANCELLED
  • TBD – The Jungle Book 2
  • TBD – Maleficent 3
  • TBD – Tink (Tinker Bell Live Action)
  • TBD – Atlantis (Live Action) (Rumor)
  • TBD – Nightmare Before Christmas 2 (Rumor)
  • TBD – Aladdin 2 (Rumor)
  • TBD – James and the Giant Peach remake (Rumor)
  • TBD – Unnamed Delilah Dirk project (Rumor)
  • TBD – High School Musical 4
  • TBD – Penelope (Princess and the Pea) (Rumor)
  • TBD – Society of Explorers and Adventurers movie
  • TBD – Frozen 4
  • TBD – Unnamed Freaky Friday sequel
  • TBD – Unnamed Space Mountain movie
  • TBD – Unnamed Figment movie (Rumor)
  • TBD – Unnamed Live Action Aristocats movie (Rumor)
  • TBD – Unnamed Don Quixote movie (Rumor)
  • TBD – Unnamed Oliver Twist musical (Rumor)
  • TBD – Unnamed Pirates of the Caribbean movie with Margot Robbie (Rumor)

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Upcoming Star Wars Movie Release Dates

Upcoming Star Wars Movies:

  • 5/22/26 – The Mandalorian & Grogu
  • 12/18/26 – TBD New Star Wars Movie
  • 12/17/27 – TBD New Star Wars Movie
  • TBD – Lando Star Wars Movie
  • TBD – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
  • TBD: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi

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Upcoming Marvel Movie Release DatesUpcoming Marvel Movies:

Announced or Rumored Marvel Movies Without Release Dates:

  • TBD – Armor Wars
  • TBD – Inhumans
  • TBD – Shang-Chi Sequel

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Upcoming 20th Century Studios Movies with Release DatesUpcoming 20th Century Studios Movies:

Announced or Rumored 20th Century Studios Movies Without Release Dates:

  • TBD – Badlands (Predator film)
  • TBD – California Bear
  • TBD – Chippendales
  • TBD – Deliver Me from Nowhere
  • TBD – Kingsman: The Blue Blood
  • TBD – Artemis
  • TBD – Beach Read
  • TBD – Be More Chill
  • TBD – Clue
  • TBD – Eenie Meanie
  • TBD – Epoch Index
  • TBD – Feed
  • TBD – The Garden
  • TBD – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
  • TBD – Mike & Nick & Nick & Alice
  • TBD – Neuromancer
  • TBD – Night of the Ghoul
  • TBD – Paper Lanterns
  • TBD – The Devil Wears Parada sequel
  • TBD – The Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion
  • TBD – Revenge of the Nerds
  • TBD – Send Help
  • TBD – Sooner or Later
  • TBD – Starlight
  • TBD – Untitled Big Trouble in Little China sequel
  • TBD – Untitled Buster Keaton biopic
  • TBD – Untitled Chronicle sequel
  • TBD – Untitled Dodgeball sequel
  • TBD – Untitled Escape from New York reboot
  • TBD – Untitled Family Guy film
  • TBD – Untitled Flash Gordon reboot
  • TBD – Untitled Free Guy sequel
  • TBD – Untitled K-pop film
  • TBD – Untitled Master and Commander prequel
  • TBD – Untitled seventh Ice Age film
  • TBD – Untitled The Simpsons Movie sequel
  • TBD – Untitled third Rio film
  • TBD – Untitled Max Payne reboot
  • TBD – Working Girl
  • TBD – Untitled Alita: Battle Angel sequel

Upcoming Searchlight Pictures Movies with Release Dates

  • 10/18/24 – A Real Pain
  • 12/6/24 – Nightbitch

Announced or Rumored Searchlight Pictures Movies Without Release Dates:

  • TBD – A Complete Unknown
  • TBD – Dust
  • TBD – The Greatest Hits
  • TBD – In the Blink of an Eye
  • TBD – Kinds of Kindness
  • TBD – Magazine Dreams
  • TBD – O’Dessa
  • TBD – Perfect
  • TBD – Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldiers
  • TBD – The Roses
  • TBD – The Supremes at Earl’s All You Can Eat
  • TBD – Untitled Taylor Swift movie

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