Upcoming Disney Movie Release Dates (Incl: Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel)

With all that Disney has in the works for upcoming movies, along with all that they have planned for Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, it is helpful to have an easy listing to refer to so you know when your next favorite Disney classic will be hitting the big screen. Here is a quick rundown of the known upcoming Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney movie release dates in 2017 and beyond. I update this list all the time, so check back often for new movies as they are announced.

Please note, that this Disney movie schedule looks pretty far out into the future, so dates are subject to change and I will do my best to update as movie news is released.

Upcoming Disney Movie Release Dates:

Upcoming Star Wars Movie Release Dates:

  • 5/25/18 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • 12/20/19 – Star Wars Episode 9

  • 2020 – Unnamed Boba Fett Movie

  • TBD – New Star Wars Trilogy Movie 1

  • TBD – New Star Wars Trilogy Movie 2

  • TBD – New Star Wars Trilogy Movie 3

Upcoming Marvel Movie Release Dates:

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