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Zootopia Description

Zootopia (2016 Movie)

“Zootopia” is a Disney animated film released in 2016. Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, the movie is set in a city where anthropomorphic animals live together in harmony. The story follows Judy Hopps, a young bunny who dreams of becoming the first rabbit police officer in the city of Zootopia.

Despite facing prejudice and skepticism from others due to her small size and species, Judy is determined to prove herself. She teams up with a sly and con-artist fox named Nick Wilde to solve a missing animals case, which turns out to be more complex than they initially thought. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the peace and unity of Zootopia.

The film cleverly explores themes of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, all while delivering a thrilling and heartwarming story. “Zootopia” received widespread acclaim for its well-crafted plot, engaging characters, and thought-provoking messages. It was praised for its animation, humor, and relevance in addressing social issues.

“Zootopia” was a commercial success and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It resonated with audiences of all ages and became one of Disney’s highest-grossing animated films. Its impact went beyond the box office, as it sparked discussions about social justice and equality.

With its meaningful storytelling, endearing characters, and visually stunning animation, “Zootopia” remains a beloved and impactful film in the Disney animation canon. It continues to be praised for its positive messages and relevance in contemporary society.

Zootopia Fun Facts

  1. Zootopia was released in March 2016 and grossed over $1 billion worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of 2016 and the second highest-grossing animated film of all time at the time of its release.
  2. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2017.
  3. Zootopia is the first Disney animated film to be set in a fully realized, anthropomorphic animal world.
  4. The film was originally titled “Savage Seas” and was set on an island populated by predatory animals, but the idea was eventually scrapped in favor of the animal metropolis setting.
  5. The filmmakers visited various cities around the world, including New York City and Tokyo, for inspiration in creating the unique world of Zootopia.
  6. The film features a large ensemble cast, with over 80 different species of animals represented in the film.
  7. Zootopia was praised for its themes of diversity and inclusion, as well as its handling of complex issues such as prejudice and stereotyping.
  8. Zootopia was accompanied by a number of merchandise and tie-in products, including a comic book series, a mobile game, and a theme park attraction at Shanghai Disneyland called “Zootopia: Land of Big Fun.”

Zootopia Cast

Zootopia Crew
  • Directors: Byron Howard and Rich Moore
  • Producer: Clark Spencer
  • Screenplay: Jared Bush and Phil Johnston
  • Music: Michael Giacchino

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2016
  • Type of Movie: Animated
  • Box Office: $1.024 billion
  • Awards: Won Golden Globe
  • IMDB Link

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