Zed (Zombies)

Last Updated on: February 12th, 2024

Zed (Zombies) disney channelWho is Zed?

Zed is the main character in Disney Channel’s musical and comedy film “Zombies.” Zed is depicted as a zombie who is trying to fit in with the living students at Seabrook High School, where the living and undead have been integrated into the same student body. Despite the challenges he faces, Zed is determined to prove that zombies can be just as talented and valuable as the living students. Throughout the film, Zed becomes friends with Addison, a living cheerleader, and together they discover that there is much more to each other than their initial appearances would suggest. Zed is a well-liked and memorable character in the film, and is remembered by fans for his positive and optimistic outlook on life. He was played by Milo Manheim .

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