Chief Red Stick (Davy Crockett)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Chief Red Stick?

Chief Red Stick, also known as Red Eagle, is a historical figure and a fictionalized version of him appears in the Disney television series “Davy Crockett” (1954-1955) as the main antagonist of the show. He was a leader of the Creek Nation and in the series, he is depicted as a fierce warrior who opposes the expansion of American settlers into the territories of the Creek Nation. The character is based on the historical figure of the same name, who was a leader of the Creek Red Sticks, a faction of the Creek Nation that was involved in the Creek War of 1813-1814. The historical Chief Red Stick was killed during the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814.The character was played by Pat Hogan.

Chief Red Stick Davy Crockett King Of The Wild Frontier

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