Kevin (Up)

Last Updated on: January 24th, 2024

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is a lovable and unique character in Disney-Pixar’s animated film “Up,” released in 2009. Kevin is not a human character but rather a large, colorful, and exotic bird known as a “snipe” in the film.

The bird’s full name is Kevin, but it is later revealed to be a female bird. Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer who befriends the film’s protagonist, Carl Fredricksen, initially mistakes Kevin for a male bird and gives it the name. Kevin becomes a central character in the film as it accompanies Carl and Russell on their adventure to Paradise Falls.

Kevin (Up)

Kevin’s character adds humor and heart to the movie through its comical behavior and the endearing relationship it develops with Russell. Kevin is known for its bright plumage and distinctive appearance, which includes a long neck and a fondness for chocolate bars.

Throughout the film, Kevin is pursued by a group of talking dogs, including Dug, who is equipped with a special collar that allows him to speak. The dogs are under orders to capture Kevin, but as the story unfolds, they too develop a bond with the bird and decide to protect her.

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