Bucky the Squirrel (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Bucky the Squirrel?

Bucky the Squirrel is a memorable character from Disney’s animated film “The Emperor’s New Groove,” released in 2000. This comedy film is known for its unique and quirky characters and is set in the ancient Incan Empire.

Bucky is a comical and lovable squirrel who plays a recurring role throughout the film. He initially appears as a normal squirrel but becomes unintentionally involved in the chaotic events of the story.

One of the standout moments featuring Bucky is when Kuzco, the main character who has been turned into a llama, accidentally drops him into a river while trying to cross. This incident leads to a series of humorous misadventures for Bucky, including encounters with alligators and waterfalls.

Bucky’s character is notable for its physical comedy and exaggerated reactions. Despite not being able to speak, he effectively communicates his emotions and reactions through his expressive facial expressions and body language, adding to the humor of the film.

Bucky the Squirrel (The Emperor’s New Groove) disney

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