Zini (Dinosaur)

Last Updated on: June 21st, 2024

Zini (Dinosaur) disneyWho is Zini?

Zini is a character from Disney’s 2000 animated film “Dinosaur.” He is a small and colorful lemur-like creature known as a “Lemuridae.” Zini is a prominent character in the movie, providing comic relief and warmth to the story.

Zini is voiced by actor Max Casella. He is one of the last surviving members of his species, and he lives with a group of lemurs in the Lemuridae colony. Zini is known for his witty and humorous personality, often making jokes and humorous remarks throughout the film.

One of Zini’s key roles in the movie is to serve as a friend and mentor to Aladar, the film’s protagonist. Aladar is a young Iguanodon who was adopted by the lemurs after being separated from his family. Zini helps Aladar navigate the strange world of the prehistoric Earth and offers advice on how to fit in with the lemurs.

Zini’s character adds heart and humor to the film, especially during its more intense and dramatic moments. He is known for his expressive facial expressions and his ability to find humor in challenging situations.

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