Professor Ned Brainard (The Absent-Minded Professor)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Professor Ned Brainard (The Absent-Minded Professor)Who is Professor Ned Brainard?

Professor Ned Brainard is a fictional character played by Fred MacMurray in the 1961 Disney comedy movie “The Absent-Minded Professor.” In the film, Professor Brainard is a brilliant but absent-minded scientist who is so preoccupied with his experiments that he forgets important things in his life, including his wedding anniversary with his wife, Betsy Carlisle. He invents a substance called “Flubber” which has incredible properties, including the ability to defy gravity and enhance athletic abilities. The film follows Brainard’s attempts to use his discovery to help his college’s basketball team win games while also dealing with various mishaps caused by his absent-mindedness. The character of Professor Ned Brainard has since become a cultural icon and has been featured in various Disney productions over the years, including a sequel to “The Absent-Minded Professor” called “Son of Flubber.”

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