Le Fou (Beauty and the Beast)

Last Updated on: October 14th, 2023

Who is Le Fou?

Le Fou is a character from the Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast“. He is the sidekick and confidant of the film’s main antagonist, Gaston, who is in love with Belle, the film’s protagonist. Le Fou is known for his comic relief and loyalty to Gaston, despite the latter’s many flaws. He is also known for his singing and dancing in the film’s musical numbers. Le Fou is voiced by actor Jesse Corti in the original film and later by Josh Gad in the live-action adaptation of the film. He is a buffoonish and comical character, who is always looking for ways to please and impress Gaston. He also has a change of heart towards the end of the movie and joins the side of the Beast and his friends.

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