Beauty and the Beast Continues to Break Records

Published on 5/29/17 by Craig Smith

beauty and the beast disney crossy road

Image courtesy Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

Disney’s Consumer Products and Interactive Media Division announced today that this month’s blockbuster live-action remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast has broken a few records that don’t involve the big screen. Here is a rundown of some of the mobile app success Beauty and the Beast has brought Disney this month:

  • Disney Emoji Blitz experienced its biggest day of play yet on Friday March 17th (release day for Beauty and the Beast). Also, the in-app Beauty and the Beast-themed event was the most popular event of its kind to date for the app.
  • The classic animated version of Beauty and the Beast has become the most-viewed content in DisneyLife’s history (passing Frozen).
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms‘ audience grew 128% due to a Beauty and the Beast in-app event.
  • The most-colored image on the Color by Disney app was an image of Belle, which saw 2.4 x more activity that other app content.
  • The top two premium puzzles on the Disney Jigsaw app were Beauty and the Beast puzzles.
  • The top five most unlocked figures on Disney Crossy Road were Belle, Beast, Chip, Gaston and Mrs. Potts.

While it is to be expected that themed content in apps relating to recently released movies will generated significant interest, it isn’t always a given. We have seen plenty of flops over the years. These off-screen stats, along with the movie’s amazing box office debut prove that last year’s record-breaking movie success wasn’t a fluke for Disney and gives us great hope for another huge year.