Dodger (Oliver & Company)

Last Updated on: December 22nd, 2023

Who is Dodger?

Dodger is a character in the 1988 Disney animated film “Oliver & Company.” He is a street-smart and charismatic Jack Russell Terrier who is the leader of a group of stray dogs living in New York City. He is voiced by singer Billy Joel. Dodger is known for his quick wit, charm and street smarts, he is the leader of the pack and always looking out for his friends. He becomes friends with the main character, Oliver, a stray kitten, and helps him navigate the city and find a new home. He is a fun-loving and carefree character, who enjoys singing and dancing. He is a favorite among audiences for his personality and humor.

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Why Should I Worry? (Song)

“Why Should I Worry?” is a song from the 1988 Disney animated film “Oliver & Company.” The film is loosely based on the classic Charles…

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