Dr. Hans Reinhardt (The Black Hole)

Last Updated on: October 4th, 2022

Dr. Hans Reinhardt (The Black Hole) disneyWho is Dr. Hans Reinhardt?

Dr. Hans Reinhardt is a fictional character from the Disney science fiction film “The Black Hole” (1979). He is the main antagonist of the story and is portrayed by actor Maximilian Schell. Dr. Reinhardt is a brilliant but eccentric scientist and the captain of the Cygnus, a spaceship that has been lost in the black hole for 20 years. He has become obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the black hole and has become a megalomaniac, willing to sacrifice anyone who stands in his way. He is also the creator of a group of robots, and with them he plans to enter the black hole, even if it means risking the lives of the crew. The movie was a commercial and critical failure, and it is not considered one of Disney’s best works.

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