Jaeger Clade (Strange World)

Last Updated on: October 29th, 2023

Who is Jaeger Clade?

Jaeger Clade is a character from the 2022 Disney animated film “Strange World,” voiced by Dennis Quaid. He is depicted as an adventurer and captain, residing in a place called Avalonia. Jaeger holds a fondness for discoveries, exploring, and adventures, and he cherishes his family and the bond he shares with his grandson. Among his dislikes are having his family in danger and small discoveries. Notably, Jaeger Clade also has an affinity for flamethrowers, which seems to contribute to his adventurous persona.

Jaeger has a range of skills and abilities that aid him in his explorations. His skillset includes the use of a flame shooter, superhuman strength, chopping, navigating, and fighting skills. His main goal and hobby revolve around spending time with his family and exploring Avalonia.

Jaeger Clade (Strange World)

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