Minnie Mouse

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2023

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Who is Minnie Mouse?

Minnie Mouse is a fictional character created by Walt Disney Productions. She is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse and first appeared in the short Steamboat Willie in 1928. Minnie is a cheerful and sweet mouse, often depicted wearing a polka-dotted dress and bow. She is known for her cute and feminine appearance and is a popular Disney character. Minnie Mouse has appeared in many Disney films, television shows, and comic books. She is also a popular subject in Disney merchandise.

Interesting Facts and Stats:

  • Her real name is Minerva Mouse.
  • She was designed based on the popular flapper girls of the 1920’s.
  • She made her debut in the Disney short Plane Crazy.
  • Minnie has relatives. Her father is named Marcus Mouse, uncles are Milton and Mortimer Mouse, nieces are Millie and Melody Mouse and grandparents are Marshal and Matilda Mouse.
  • She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Collection:

Here is the Internet’s largest collection of Minnie Mouse-related movies, TV shows, toys and other products. As always, new pieces are added to this collection regularly.

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