Barnyard Olympics

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Barnyard Olympics disney short“Barnyard Olympics” is an animated short film released by Walt Disney Productions in 1932. It is part of the Silly Symphony series, a collection of musical animated shorts produced by Disney during the 1920s and 1930s.

In “Barnyard Olympics,” a group of animals on a farm competes in various athletic events in a comical and lighthearted manner. The events include races, high jumps, pole vaulting, weightlifting, and other humorous contests. The cartoon showcases the animals’ unique abilities and their attempts to outperform each other, resulting in amusing and entertaining moments.

The film features lively animation, catchy music, and exaggerated character movements. It demonstrates the creativity and humor characteristic of Disney’s early animation efforts. “Barnyard Olympics” is notable for its charming depiction of animal characters engaging in sports and the comical situations that arise during their competitions.

As a Silly Symphony cartoon, “Barnyard Olympics” was known for its emphasis on music and animation synchronization. The short film’s release during the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles likely inspired the athletic theme of the cartoon.

“Barnyard Olympics” is considered a classic example of early Disney animation and has retained its popularity among fans of vintage cartoons. It represents the creative and entertaining storytelling style that Disney was known for during that era.

Fun Facts

  • “Barnyard Olympics” is part of Disney’s Silly Symphony series, which was known for its innovative animation techniques and whimsical storytelling. The series allowed Disney to experiment with music and animation, leading to the creation of iconic characters and memorable shorts.
  • The short film features various barnyard animals competing in comical Olympic-style events. The events include races, diving, and even weightlifting using a barbell made from a plank and a milk can. The humor and creativity of the events are typical of the Silly Symphony series.
  • One notable aspect of “Barnyard Olympics” is its use of synchronized music and animation. The characters’ movements and actions are often synchronized with the music, creating a delightful and rhythmic viewing experience, which was a hallmark of Disney’s early animation work.

Additional Details



  • Director: Wilfred Jackson
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Frank Churchill

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