Gramma Alice (Big City Greens)

Last Updated on: February 14th, 2023

Who is Gramma Alice?

Gramma Alice, whose full name is Alice Green, is a character in the Disney Channel animated series “Big City Greens.” The show, which premiered in 2018, follows the misadventures of the Green family as they navigate life in the big city.

Gramma Alice is the matriarch of the Green family and plays a central role in the series. She is known for her eccentric personality, love of gardening, and unconventional wisdom. Gramma Alice often provides guidance and humorous life lessons to her grandchildren, Cricket and Tilly, as well as her son Bill and daughter-in-law Nancy.

Gramma Alice Big City Greens

Throughout the series, Gramma Alice’s character adds humor, heart, and a touch of chaos to the Green family’s daily life. Her unconventional approach to problem-solving and her strong-willed nature make her a memorable and endearing character in the show.

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