Goob (Meet the Robinsons)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Goob?

Goob is a fictional character in the Disney animated movie “Meet the Robinsons.” He is a young man who was abandoned as a child and has grown up to be a bitter and angry individual. Goob is the villain of the movie and is driven by his resentment towards the world and his own unhappy childhood.

Despite his negative personality, Goob has a hidden talent for baseball. He is a natural player with a powerful swing and lightning-fast reflexes. Throughout the movie, Goob is manipulated by the true villain of the story, who uses his anger and frustration for their own purposes. In the end, however, Goob is able to find redemption and learns to forgive those who have wronged him, showing that even the most broken heart can be healed with love and kindness.

He was voiced by actor Matthew Josten.

Goob (Meet the Robinsons)

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