Genie (Aladdin)

Last Updated on: September 10th, 2023

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Who is Genie?

Genie is a fictional character from Disney’s 1992 animated film Aladdin. He is a powerful and magical being who is trapped in a lamp until he is released by Aladdin, the protagonist of the movie. He is known for his extraordinary powers, his ability to grant wishes to those who rub his lamp, his sense of humor, and his catchphrase “Your wish is my command!” He is voiced by the late Robin Williams in the original film. He is a blue, ethereal and comical character that helps Aladdin to win the love of Princess Jasmine, defeat Jafar and become a prince. He also provides much of the comic relief in the movie.

Interesting Facts and Stats:

  • He has had two voices throughout the years: Robin Williams and Dan Castellaneta

The Collection:

Here is the Internet’s largest collection of Genie-related movies, TV shows, toys and other products. As always, new pieces are added to this collection regularly.

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Friend Like Me (Song)

“Friend Like Me” is a song from the 1992 Disney animated film “Aladdin“. It is sung by the Genie, a magical and powerful being who…

Prince Ali (Song)

“Prince Ali” is a song from the Disney animated film “Aladdin“. The song is performed by the Genie, voiced by the late Robin Williams, as…

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