Flunkey the Baboon (The Jungle Book)

Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

Who is Flunkey the Baboon?

Flunkey the Baboon is a minor character in Disney’s animated film “The Jungle Book,” released in 1967. He is one of the loyal followers of King Louie, the leader of the Bandar-log, a group of mischievous and fun-loving monkeys who inhabit the jungle.

Flunkey is a somewhat comical and dim-witted character who serves King Louie, an orangutan, in his quest to obtain the secret of fire. King Louie believes that possessing fire will make him more like humans. Flunkey, along with the other monkeys, plays a part in trying to capture Mowgli, the film’s human protagonist, in order to learn the secret.

Flunkey the Baboon (The Jungle Book) disney

While Flunkey doesn’t have a significant role in the film, his character, along with the rest of the Bandar-log, adds to the chaos and humor of the story. The character designs and personalities of the monkeys in “The Jungle Book” are known for their whimsy and entertainment value.

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