Peter Thorndyke (The Love Bug)

Last Updated on: May 5th, 2024

Who is Peter Thorndyke?

Peter Thorndyke is a character in the 1968 Disney film “The Love Bug.” He is portrayed by actor David Tomlinson. In the movie, Thorndyke is depicted as an arrogant and competitive British race car driver and the owner of an upscale car showroom. He becomes the primary antagonist of the film when Jim Douglas, the protagonist, acquires Herbie, the sentient Volkswagen Beetle, from his showroom.

Peter Thorndyke (The Love Bug)

Thorndyke’s disdain for Herbie and his determination to prove his superiority on the race track sets the stage for a series of comedic and adventurous clashes throughout the movie. He is often shown going to great lengths to sabotage Jim and Herbie’s racing endeavors to ensure his own victory, embodying a ruthless competitive spirit.

His character contrasts sharply with the warm-hearted and humble nature of Jim and the quirky, lovable demeanor of Herbie. Thorndyke’s snobbish attitude and unscrupulous tactics make him a classic antagonist who the audience loves to root against.

Peter Thorndyke’s character contributes to the film’s humor and conflict, embodying the themes of rivalry, arrogance, and the comedic fallout of underestimating the underdog, which are central to the narrative of “The Love Bug.” Through Thorndyke’s adversarial relationship with Jim and Herbie, the film explores the timeless tale of humility, perseverance, and the unexpected triumph of the underdog.

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