King Louie (The Jungle Book)

Last Updated on: September 10th, 2023

Who is King Louie?

King Louie is a character from the 1967 Disney animated film “The Jungle Book.” He is an orangutan who is the self-proclaimed “King of the Swingin’ Apes.”

He is known for his love of jazz music and is always seen with his monkey followers. He is voiced by Louis Prima in the original film and has been voiced by other actors in other adaptations of the story. He is also portrayed as a more villainous character in the 2016 live-action adaptation of the film.

In the original Disney film, King Louie is not a villain, but rather a comical and somewhat sympathetic character who wants to be like humans and tries to convince Mowgli to teach him how to make fire, but eventually accepts that he’s happy being himself.

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