Jungle Cubs 

Last Updated on: February 14th, 2023

Jungle Cubs (Playhouse Disney Show) 

“Jungle Cubs” is an animated television series that aired on Disney’s One Saturday Morning programming block from October 5, 1996, to February 14, 1998. The show is a spin-off of Disney’s classic animated film “The Jungle Book” and follows the adventures of the film’s animal characters as young cubs.

The series is set during the early years of the characters’ lives when they are still playful and curious cubs living in the jungle. The main characters include Mowgli (voiced by Pamela Adlon), Baloo (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), Bagheera (voiced by Elizabeth Daily), Louie (voiced by Jason Marsden), Hathi Jr. (voiced by Jim Cummings), and Kaa (voiced by Rob Paulsen), among others.

Each episode of “Jungle Cubs” features the young animal cubs getting into various escapades and learning valuable life lessons along the way. The show blends humor, adventure, and friendship as the cubs explore the jungle, face challenges, and develop their individual personalities.

As they navigate the jungle together, the young cubs often encounter trouble and try to outsmart their adversaries, such as the sneaky Shere Khan (voiced by Tony Jay) and the mischievous bees. Through their experiences, they learn about bravery, cooperation, and the importance of friendship.

“Jungle Cubs” offers a family-friendly, lighthearted take on the beloved characters from “The Jungle Book” film, providing young viewers with an entertaining and educational show.

The animation style of “Jungle Cubs” maintains the charm and visual appeal of the original movie, with colorful settings and expressive character designs that capture the essence of the jungle world.

Additional Details:

  • Year of Debut: 1997
  • Year of Finale: 2000
  • Type of Series: Animated
  • TV Channel/Platform: One Saturday Morning
  • IMDB Link


  • Baloo: Pamela Adlon
  • Bagheera: Elizabeth Daily, Dee Bradley Baker
  • Louie: Jason Marsden, Cree Summer
  • Shere Khan: Jason Marsden
  • Kaa: Jim Cummings
  • Hathi: Rob Paulsen, Stephen Furst
  • Cecil and Arthur: Michael McKean and David Lander
  • Mahra: Tress MacNeille

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