Toodles (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Last Updated on: April 22nd, 2023

Toodles (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)Who is Toodles?

Toodles is a recurring character in the children’s television series “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse“. He is a blue and yellow robot that resembles a tablet computer. Toodles is a helper tool for Mickey and his friends, and is used to help them solve problems by providing the right “Mouseketools” for the task at hand. The Mouseketools are objects that Toodles displays on his screen, and each one has a specific use in solving the problem. Toodles also has a distinctive chime that plays whenever he appears on the screen or provides a new Mouseketool. Overall, Toodles is a beloved character in the show and is known for his helpfulness and reliability in assisting Mickey and his friends.

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