V.I.N.CENT (The Black Hole)

Last Updated on: May 19th, 2024

V.I.N.CENT (The Black Hole)Who is V.I.N.CENT?

V.I.N.CENT (Vital Information Necessary, CENTralized) is a fictional character from the 1979 Disney science fiction film “The Black Hole.” He is a robot created by Dr. Hans Reinhardt, the main antagonist of the film, and serves as the ship’s navigator aboard the USS Cygnus. V.I.N.CENT is a highly advanced robot, equipped with a variety of abilities, including speech, the ability to process vast amounts of information, and the ability to fly. He is also able to project holograms and has a built-in laser. He is portrayed as a loyal and helpful companion to the crew of the Cygnus and tries to warn them of the dangers of Dr. Reinhardt’s plans. The character was played by Roddy McDowall.

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