Simba (The Lion King)

Last Updated on: September 11th, 2023

simba the lion king 1994Who is Simba?

Simba is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Disney’s 1994 animated feature film The Lion King. He is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, and the grandson of Ahadi. He is the heir to the Pride Lands and the future king of the animal kingdom. He is a young lion cub who is destined to rule the Pride Lands but is exiled after his uncle Scar kills his father and convinces Simba that it was his own fault. He is known for his courage, determination, and leadership, He returns to the Pride Land as an adult, reclaims his place as king and restores order to his kingdom.

He was played by actors Jonathan Taylor Thomas (young Simba) and Matthew Broderick (adult Simba).

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