Epcot’s Circle of Life Attraction Set to Close

Published on 6/6/18 by Craig Smith

circle of life epcot close

Image credit Disney

OK, lets play a game of good news, bad news…

The Bad News: Another Disney World attraction is set to close on February 3rd.

The Good News: The attraction is most likely one you will never visit unless you are really trying to kill some time.

Harsh, yes, but really the Circle of Life show in Epcot’s Land Pavilion is one of those attractions that are just there. It is a pretty dull educational movie that never has a line and attracts next to no interest. What is it? Circle of Life is a mixed animation/live action educational film about the environment. It debut in 1995 and features Simba, Timon and Pumba from The Lion King. It is found in the Land Pavilion on the opposite side of the dining area from Soarin. For all you WDW old-timers, this is the attraction that replaced Symbiosis.

It is currently unknown what will replace Circle of Life although a common rumor is that Disney Performing Arts will be using the theater for student workshops in the near-term.