Aunt Siqiniq (Brother Bear)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Aunt Siqiniq?

Aunt Siqiniq is a character from the Disney animated film “Brother Bear” (2003). She is a minor character and an elder of the tribe of the Kenai, the main protagonist of the film. She is Kenai’s paternal aunt and is a wise and respected member of the tribe. She is also known for being a spiritual guide and mentor to Kenai, helping him to understand the ways of the spirits and the natural world. She is also known for being a wise and respected elder of the tribe, with white hair, a traditional native outfit and a peaceful and calm demeanor. She is voiced by actress Irene Bedard, and is known for her wisdom, guidance and spiritual teachings, she helps Kenai to understand the connection between bears and humans.

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