Carl Fredricksen (Up)

Last Updated on: November 23rd, 2023

Who is Carl Fredricksen?

Carl Fredricksen is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 2009 Disney/Pixar animated film “Up.”

He is an elderly widower and former balloon salesman, who ties thousands of helium balloons to his house and flies to South America in an effort to fulfill a promise he made to his deceased wife. He is voiced by actor Ed Asner. Carl is a complex and relatable character, known for his stubbornness, his love for his wife and his desire for adventure.

The film was a critical and commercial success, and Carl’s character has been praised for his depth, humor and emotional resonance. He also appeared in other forms of media such as video games and theme park attractions.

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Married Life (Song)

“Married Life” is a song from the 2009 Disney-Pixar animated film “Up”. The song was composed by Michael Giacchino and is played during the opening…

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