Dr. Delbert Doppler (Treasure Planet)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Dr. Delbert Doppler?

Dr. Delbert Doppler is a character in the 2002 Disney animated film “Treasure Planet.” He is a scientist and the father of the main character, Jim Hawkins. He is portrayed by voice actor David Hyde Pierce.

Dr. Doppler is a brilliant scientist who is obsessed with the legend of Treasure Planet and the possibility of finding advanced alien technology there. He leads the expedition to find the planet and serves as a mentor and guide to Jim throughout the movie. He is also a loving father who cares deeply for his son, but sometimes neglects his needs because of his obsession with the treasure. He is a complex character, who struggles with his own personal demons and flaws, but ultimately helps Jim and his crew to discover the true value of the treasure.

Dr. Delbert Doppler (Treasure Planet) disney


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