Aladar (Dinosaur)

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Who is Aladar?

Aladar is the main character in Disney’s animated feature film “Dinosaur,” which was released in 2000. The film combines computer-generated imagery (CGI) dinosaurs with live-action backgrounds to create a prehistoric world filled with adventure and danger.

Aladar, voiced by actor D. B. Sweeney, is an Iguanodon, a herbivorous dinosaur, who is orphaned as a hatchling and raised by a family of lemurs. He grows up with a strong sense of compassion and empathy, thanks to his upbringing among the lemurs. His adoptive family includes Plio, the wise and nurturing lemur matriarch; Yar, the grumpy but well-meaning lemur; and Zini, Aladar’s fun-loving and mischievous lemur friend.

The film’s plot follows Aladar as he embarks on a journey with his lemur family and other dinosaurs after their home is destroyed by a meteor impact. They join a group of various dinosaur species searching for a safe new habitat, facing numerous challenges and dangers along the way.

Throughout the film, Aladar’s character is portrayed as kind-hearted, brave, and resourceful. He becomes a source of inspiration and hope for the other dinosaurs in the group, promoting cooperation and unity among different species.

Aladar (Dinosaur) disney

“Dinosaur” was groundbreaking at the time of its release for its use of CGI to create realistic-looking dinosaurs and its seamless integration with live-action backgrounds. While the film received mixed critical reviews, it was praised for its stunning visuals and remains notable in Disney’s animation history.

Aladar’s character exemplifies themes of resilience, leadership, and the importance of compassion and teamwork in the face of adversity. His journey and the film’s message of cooperation and adaptation to change continue to resonate with audiences.

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