Robbie Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

Last Updated on: March 28th, 2024

Who is Robbie Sinclair?

Robbie Sinclair was a fictional character from the television series “Dinosaurs,” which aired from 1991 to 1994. The show was a puppet-based sitcom featuring a prehistoric family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in a world similar to that of modern humans.Robbie Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

Robbie Sinclair was the teenage son of the Sinclair family, the main characters of the series. He was a young, rebellious, and intellectually curious dinosaur known as a “Sinclairosaurus.” Robbie was a blue-colored dinosaur, which was typical for his species in the show.

Throughout the series, Robbie was depicted as a typical teenager, often challenging his parents’ authority and questioning the status quo in the dinosaur society. He was an environmentalist and concerned about the state of the world, often advocating for more sustainable practices and greater awareness of the consequences of their actions.

Robbie’s character allowed the show to explore contemporary issues and societal problems through the lens of a prehistoric setting, using humor and satire. “Dinosaurs” was praised for its clever social commentary and its ability to address serious topics while entertaining audiences with its puppetry and humor.

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