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Last Updated on: December 22nd, 2023

Who is Libba?

Libba Gardner is a significant character in Pixar’s animated film “Soul” (2020). She is the mother of the protagonist, Joe Gardner. Libba, played by Phylicia Rashad, owns a tailoring shop where Joe occasionally works, and she represents a traditional and pragmatic perspective towards life, emphasizing the importance of having a stable and secure job over pursuing uncertain artistic dreams.

Throughout the film, Libba’s relationship with Joe depicts a common generational and ideological difference concerning career and life choices. Libba worries about Joe’s financial stability and fears that his pursuit of a career in jazz music is too precarious. She wants what she believes is best for Joe, which creates a tension between them as Joe is determined to follow his passion for music.

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A key scene in the film occurs when Joe opens up to Libba about his deep passion for jazz and how it gives his life meaning. This moment is a turning point in their relationship, as Libba begins to understand Joe’s perspective and decides to support his musical aspirations, showcasing a heartfelt moment of understanding, support, and parental love.

Libba Gardner’s character adds depth to Joe’s storyline, illustrating the external and internal pressures he faces in pursuing his dreams. Her eventual understanding and support for Joe’s passion highlight the film’s broader themes of personal fulfillment, understanding, and the supportive bonds of family.

Libba’s character helps to enrich the narrative, adding emotional depth and a layer of realism to Joe’s journey of self-discovery and pursuit of his dreams.

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