Brent Mustangburger (Cars)

Last Updated on: June 10th, 2024

Who is Brent Mustangburger?

Brent Mustangburger is a fictional character in the Disney-Pixar “Cars” film series. He is a charismatic and animated television sports announcer who provides coverage for various racing events in the “Cars” universe.

Brent Mustangburger first appears in the movie “Cars 2,” which was released in 2011. In the film, he is known for his exciting and enthusiastic commentary as he reports on the World Grand Prix, an international racing competition featuring the film’s automotive characters. His reporting adds a sense of excitement and drama to the racing scenes in the movie.

Brent Mustangburger is voiced by the real-life sportscaster Brent Musburger, whose energetic and distinctive voice lends authenticity to the character. Musburger’s involvement adds a touch of realism to the “Cars” world, making Brent Mustangburger feel like a genuine sports commentator.

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Although Brent Mustangburger is a minor character in the “Cars” series, his presence is notable for adding an extra layer of entertainment to the racing sequences and contributing to the overall atmosphere of the films. His character is a fun nod to the world of sports broadcasting and adds to the charm of the “Cars” universe.

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