Meridian Clade (Strange World)

Last Updated on: October 29th, 2023

Who is Meridian Clade?

Meridian Clade is a character voiced by Gabrielle Union in the 2022 Disney animated film “Strange World.” In the film, she is portrayed as a supportive, caring, and adventurous individual.

Meridian Clade (Strange World)

Meridian is the wife of the main character, Searcher Clade, and the mother of Ethan Clade. Her character often serves as a bridge between her husband and son, especially during tense situations between them. Besides her familial roles, Meridian is also depicted as an adventurous pilot who has saved the day on more than one occasion.

Her adventurous spirit is integral to the story as she, along with her family, embarks on a journey to a strange new world to try and save their home, Avalonia.

Meridian’s supportive and caring nature is evident as she navigates the challenges they face together as a family.

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