Thumper's Mother (Bambi)

Last Updated on: June 11th, 2024

Thumper's Mother (Bambi)

Who is Thumper’s Mother?

Thumper’s mother is a character in Disney’s classic animated film “Bambi,” released in 1942. She is the mother of the young rabbit Thumper and a friend of Bambi’s mother.

Thumper’s mother, voiced by actress Margaret Lee, is a caring and nurturing character. She is known for her patience and wisdom, often offering guidance and advice to her son and his friends. She appears throughout the film as a supportive presence in Thumper’s life.

One of the most memorable scenes featuring Thumper’s mother occurs when she scolds Thumper for making fun of Bambi’s name. She imparts the famous lesson: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” This moment is a reflection of the film’s overall themes of friendship, respect, and the circle of life.

As the film progresses, Thumper’s mother, like Bambi’s mother, plays a significant role in teaching the young animals about the dangers of the forest and how to navigate it safely. She, like many characters in “Bambi,” is a representation of the nurturing and protective instincts of motherhood.

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