Prince John (Robin Hood)

Last Updated on: December 7th, 2023

Prince John robin hood disneyWho is Prince John?

Prince John is a character from the Disney animated film “Robin Hood.” He is the prince of England and the main antagonist of the film. In the film, Prince John is depicted as a cruel and greedy ruler who imposes high taxes on the people of England, and uses his power and wealth to oppress the citizens of the kingdom. He is also depicted as being arrogant and deceitful, and is shown to be willing to use any means necessary to maintain his hold on the throne. Throughout the film, Prince John is opposed by the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, who leads a group of bandits in a fight against the prince’s tyranny and oppression. Ultimately, Prince John is thwarted in his plans and forced to flee, leading to a restoration of peace and justice in the kingdom. He was voiced by actor Peter Ustinov.

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