Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark)

Last Updated on: August 5th, 2023

Who is Frankie Wong?

Frankie Wong is one of the main characters in the Disney Channel series “Bizaardvark.” Portrayed by actress Madison Hu, Frankie is a creative and determined teenager who, along with her best friend Paige Olvera (played by Olivia Rodrigo), starts an internet channel to showcase their comedic and musical talents.

The show “Bizaardvark” aired from 2016 to 2019 and follows Frankie and Paige as they navigate the world of online content creation. They join the Vuuugle Studios, a fictional YouTube-like platform, where they produce and upload their videos in hopes of gaining internet fame and success.

Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark) disney

Frankie is known for her quirky and offbeat sense of humor, and she is not afraid to try unconventional ideas for her videos. Throughout the series, she faces various challenges and setbacks but remains resilient and dedicated to her passion for creating content. Her friendship with Paige is a central focus of the show, and their camaraderie and support for each other make them a dynamic duo in the online world.

As the show progresses, Frankie and Paige encounter other Vuuugle creators, forming new friendships and sometimes friendly rivalries. The series explores themes of friendship, creativity, and the ups and downs of being content creators on the internet.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Frankie is depicted as a caring and loyal friend. She often puts the well-being of her loved ones before her own aspirations and is quick to lend a helping hand when someone needs it.

Throughout the show, Frankie’s character undergoes personal growth, learning valuable lessons about responsibility, staying true to herself, and the importance of balancing online fame with real-life relationships. Her journey reflects the experiences of many young people in the age of social media and content creation.

“Bizaardvark” was praised for its positive representation of young content creators and its humor that resonated with its target audience of tweens and teens. The show also showcased a diverse group of characters, highlighting the value of inclusivity and representation in media.

Frankie Wong’s character in “Bizaardvark” contributed to the show’s charm and appeal, making her a relatable and engaging role model for young viewers who aspire to pursue their creative passions and navigate the world of digital media.

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