Crumbelina DiCaramello (Wreck-It Ralph)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Crumbelina DiCaramello?

Crumbelina DiCaramello is a character from the 2012 Disney animated film “Wreck-It Ralph.” She is a featured character in the Sugar Rush racing game, a candy-themed kart racing game. Crumbelina is a pink-frosted doughnut with a lime green filling. She is voiced by actress Mindy Kaling in the film. In the movie, Crumbelina is a skilled and competitive Sugar Rush racer, and becomes friends with Vanellope von Schweetz, the main character of the film. She is also known for her love story with another character named King Candy.

Crumbelina DiCaramello (Wreck-It Ralph) disney

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