Tamatoa (Moana)

Last Updated on: February 9th, 2024

Tamatoa (Moana)Who is Tamatoa ?

Tamatoa is a character from the 2016 Disney animated film, Moana. He is a giant, self-absorbed coconut crab who is obsessed with all things shiny.

In the film, Moana and Maui journey to the Realm of Monsters in search of Maui’s magical fishhook, which has been stolen by Tamatoa. Tamatoa is initially shown as a giant crab covered in various treasures and jewels, singing a song about how much he loves shiny objects.

Tamatoa is voiced by actor and musician Jemaine Clement, known for his work in the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. His portrayal of Tamatoa is both humorous and menacing, with his love for shiny objects driving him to become a formidable foe for Moana and Maui.

Throughout the film, Tamatoa serves as a secondary antagonist, using his immense strength and size to overpower his enemies. However, he is ultimately defeated by Moana and Maui, who work together to outsmart him and retrieve Maui’s fishhook.

Tamatoa is a memorable character in Moana, known for his humor, wit, and love for shiny objects. His portrayal by Jemaine Clement and the film’s vibrant animation make him a fan favorite among viewers of all ages.

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