Speckles (G-Force)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Speckles (G-Force)Who is Speckles?

Speckles is a character from the 2009 live-action film “G-Force“. He is a member of a team of specially trained guinea pigs who work as secret agents for the U.S. government. Speckles is the team’s resident hacker and computer expert, using his intelligence and technical skills to assist the team in their missions.

In the film, Speckles is portrayed as a highly intelligent guinea pig who speaks in a computerized voice. He is often seen typing on his laptop or hacking into various systems to help the team gather information or accomplish their goals. Despite his lack of physical strength, he is a valuable member of the team and plays a key role in their success.

Speckles is voiced by actor Nicolas Cage in the English version of the film, and by actor Tomokazu Seki in the Japanese version.

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