Nora (Pete's Dragon)

Last Updated on: February 20th, 2023

nora petes dragonWho is Nora?

Nora is a character from the Disney live-action/animated musical film “Pete’s Dragon.” The original “Pete’s Dragon” was released in 1977, and it was a combination of live-action and animation, featuring a young boy named Pete and his dragon friend, Elliott. Nora was one of the live-action characters in the film.

Nora, played by actress Helen Reddy, is a kind and caring lighthouse keeper who discovers Pete, the young orphan boy, after he has run away from his abusive adoptive family. Nora takes Pete under her wing and becomes a mother figure to him. She is a warm and compassionate character who cares deeply for Pete’s well-being.

Nora plays a central role in the film as she helps Pete and Elliott, the animated dragon, elude the villainous Dr. Terminus, who is interested in capturing Elliott for his own gain. Throughout the movie, Nora and her father, Lampie, provide a safe and loving home for Pete.

The character of Nora contributes to the heartwarming and family-oriented themes of “Pete’s Dragon.” Her relationship with Pete and her willingness to protect him and his dragon friend are key elements of the film’s story. The film was remade in 2016 as a live-action adaptation with some differences in the character portrayals, but Nora’s role as a loving and protective figure remains a central theme in both versions.

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